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Why you should be your own boss

Remember when you were a child and you planned what you wanted to be when you were older? When you were really young you wanted to work in a zoo with the animals, wanted to be a dentist when you had your teeth done and got excited that maybe one day a lawyer? The idea of working and being a grown up was so exciting and yet when you get to being a grown up it seams not so exciting at all. And all though you may bring in an OK income and sometimes there are a few perks to the job, its still just a job. The excitement went long ago and someone still tells you when to arrive, what needs to be done and the commute, is hectic, busy and long.

Now this may paint a pretty horrible picture and I am sure not too many people feel this way. For many work is quite an enjoyable experience and the pros do usually outway the cons. But still there is that niggling feeling that there is a better way, that some people have already discovered that offers a little more freedom in life. Now it may just be because I am getting a bit older (I turned 30 this year) but the ambitious career driven people I saw in my twenties are suddenly looking at different paths. Different careers that may require re-training, but offer less commitment and a bit more flexibility for them. It appears that our priorities are changing to create a better work/life balance, over riding the need/want for a better income and more responsibility. Unfortunately depending on careers there is a limit to how flexible you can get, I mean nurses can't work from home, right? So people are starting to create this themselves by building their own small businesses. There are numerous ways that small business are being developed, with now multi-national companies saying it all started with a computer in the dining room. Everyone knows that owning a business is hard though, the first few months/years are tough and no one has a great income overnight. However, some parts must be good as this is a risk that so many people are willing to take. So what are the benefits of being your own boss?

- Flexibility - The big one, especially if you can have an internet based business that allows you to work anywhere with an internet connection. A beach in greece, skiing in canada, or even allowing you to be at home with the kids and still make an income.

- Choose how much you earn - Wouldn't it be great if your income wasn't capped, if you found that you had more than enough you could take a few months break. If you needed a little more you put in the extra hours and you can buy that new car, rather than by months of budgeting and cutting back. Its your way of working that determines your income.

- You don't have to answer to anyone - Ever had a boss that you didn't like, made your life difficult or undermined the decisions you made. Dealing with that everyday can actually effect us more than you think. Find your own motivation and be as creative as you wish and no one gets to tell you they don't agree.

- You get to choose who you work with - Sometimes the people you work with are just not the people you would choose. There may be nothing wrong with them but there is a huge difference working with a great team and working with people with whom you just don't click. The team around you can change your perception of work so much so would't it be better to put the people YOU want there.

- Develop a new set of skills - Even if its not a new area of work and you have done the same things for years you still require a different skills from being an employee and to being the boss. These skills develop while you are doing the job with marketing, customer service, sales and building a business sense a few skills to develop. This means going to work is also about learning and developing which is never boring.

- You can do work you enjoy - Lead a more meaningful life by enjoying what you do. You get to define whats meaningful and give your job more purpose making everyday a little more fun and enjoyable.

- Leave a legacy behind - All business started somewhere and if you can create something that people respect you have something great to show for your hard work. Building something from nothing is an amazing skill and it would be great to be known for that.

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