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The Importance of Personalised Nutrition

I have spent a lot of time learning about nutrition and exercise however, when I first came to hear about the concept of “personalised nutrition”, my approach towards dietary advice changed. After dedicated research and science-based training, understanding how personalised nutritional advice works gave me the opportunity to safely help others with their health and wellness goals.

The science behind personalised nutritional advice is incredibly extensive and is focused on the individual. There is a secret when it comes to nutrition, what works for one person, has little to no effect on a second person, and can actually make a third person worse.


It is a tremendous irony that we find ourselves amongst an extraordinary information overload with the internet. However, instead of bringing greater clarity, we find the confusion only deepening. More books and websites than ever before are available on diet and nutrition. Yet, everywhere we look, we find contradictions. One nutritional expert says one thing; another expert says just the opposite. Information is at our fingertips, but what does it mean in terms of practical application in an individual case? 


It is not possible to offer one single nutritional protocol for everyone. Why? Because everyone’s biochemistry is different. Even between people within the same family and with similar genetics! There is no “universal” diet plan that is right for absolutely everyone. And that’s actually good news. It means that we need to look at the individual and evaluate what works for that individual specifically. For that reason, scientific research is moving towards a more individualised approach, and the primary application of personalised nutrition has been formulated into specific evaluation systems and proprietary methodologies developed through the Clinic Toolkit™. To achieve your personal health goals, you must give your body the specific foods and nutrients that are inherently necessary to you and your current state of health.


The aim of the nutrition school is not to "school" you on nutrition, you have enough information already, it is to educate you on yourself and your individual needs from your food and suggest ways or foods that can help achieve that. As a Nutritional Therapist, I utilise science-based tools available to my clients through the Clinic Toolkit™ to identify nutrient deficiencies & pinpoint the unique needs of each individual leading to personalised nutritional advice. This is all done over the internet through the clinic toolkit, we can catch up over skype and at the end you will get your final nutrition report. 

I would be delighted to help you with your personal health goals!

The Nutrition School


Me ..

Hi, my name is Michaela.  I am a keen enthusiast on science based knowledge on health and exercise.  Over the last 10 years my career has only been in health care.  My first degree was in Bio-medical science, working in Haematology (blood science), I then went onto work in Oncology, become a therapeutic radiographer providing radiotherapy to people undergoing cancer treatment.  Although these studies did not have a huge emphasis of nutrition it is a huge factor in every part of our health and it is an even bigger factor in the prevention of the diseases I have experience working in. I gained these nutrition qualifications alongside my day job and I now hope to work with people to improve individual nutrition. 

Now I have no dramatic story to tell you about my special carrot cleanse curing a terrible disease, because I feel those attempts contradict any information we have on personalised advice or scientific research.  However, it is more than fair to say that the biggest health problems we have in the world at the moment are nutrition and lifestyle related.  An epidemic of mal-nutrition is effecting us all, not just those in the 3rd world that do not have access to foods we see in abundance in our supermarkets. Nutrient deficiencies are prominent in people who take on more than enough calories and the NHS is facing an onslaught of patients suffering from life-style induced diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  It is important to note that maintaining correct nutrient balance could not just reduce the incidence of these disease but also help us to form resistant from the other factors that could be a cause (including our genetics).  This is why I feel it is a personal responsibility of us all to take responsibility of our life style factors, from making better dietary choices to taking time away from a stressful environment. 

Now its an extremely common misconception to think that "my diet" is great.  You eat a lot of fruit and veg, get regular exercise and your at a happy weight.  However there are so many factors that effect us.  How well is your gut absorbing these vitamins and minerals? How many adversaries (the things disrupting nutrient absorption) are you in contact with e.g. stress? Have your nutrient needs changed? Its important to look at the end point, the symptoms, to review what is actually going on, at that is how the nutrient assessment works. Not only that, your anti-oxidant capacity is scored to asses how not only your food but your environment could be impacting your health. These factors can give you a real personalised idea on your nutrition and the little things you could do to improve. 

To be as open as I can you can see from this site I am linked and work with the company Forever living that provide health and nutritional items and supplements.  I enjoy working with this company as they provide high quality products based around plants, which I am a strong believer is the future of nutrition for the benefit of our bodies and the planet. Although I am not a vegetarian or vegan myself, I believe cutting down on animal products and looking at plant sources for nutrients is a great way to improve our health and help the environment.  I will always advise food to come first as this is the best way to get the nutrients you need but I do choose to include some of the products in my personal health journey as I believe they have a lot to offer and they have a place in a healthy balanced diet.  If you want to know how I use these products I am happy to share or offer advice.


Michaela xxx


Forever Living Business Owner 

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