Welcome to the  Team 

Welcome, you are now a business owner! Excited and scared all at the same time? Yes I thought that would be the case but don't worry you are now part of an amazing team that is here to support you along the way. So the first few months are the hardest and there is a lot of learning to do and skills to master while working out the best way for YOU to build your business. So to help we have put together a guide for your first few months in the business.  I have included as many resources as I could find and a step by step guide to get you on your journey. If you have any questions your first port of call is your mentor, they are there for you in every way and will catch up with you regularly in the weeks to come. Refer back to this guide whenever you need it and if you think of anything that needs to be here to help others let me know!

STEP 1 - Learn Learn and Learn some more! There are a few resources for this step and it is most probably the most important stage.

  • Your new distributor box has so much in it, products, leaflets, brochures, a book and so much more.  Go through it and explore, learn what the products do, look at the whole range available in the brochure, how does the brochure explain each product and start trying them out.

  • Inside your box is your first steps to manager book, inside here you will find a whole host of information about how to build your business, go through and take it all in.  

  • Impact Global - This is our upline team and the amazing Michelle and James that run this team have put together an amazing site that has soo much information for you. You will have a personalised log in to get to access just follow this link Team impact

  • Once you have access to the website go to the training tab and go to getting started, here you have a step by step process to go through. Follow it, watch the videos and take on the advice and training here. 

  • Use your first step to managers book, get your head around the business cycle and start to understand case credits. 

  • Make sure you have a meeting with you mentor (sponsor) arranged and you get as much of this done before then. 


STEP 2 - Learn Learn and Learn some more about retailing! 

  • The products are the most important part of the business so it is important to know as much as you can about them.  Unfortunately with so many products available from forever living it's hard to know everything about all of them. 

  • So learn as much as possible about the products and how to sell them head over to the team impact page once again and head to the retailing tab

  • This is also a great time to go through the mastering the basics tab in the training page of impact global, this is a weekly set of training videos to get your skills and mindset on track. 


Training link

STEP 3 - Start making some notes on how you believe you will run your business.  

  • Start making ideas on how you will sell, prospect, advertise and how you will do your marketing.   

  • Look over the first steps to manager book for clues and advice   Write down some activities you can do to get your business going. 

  • Document your goals, include dates and timelines against the specific levels of the business plan e.g. when will you become supervisor?

  • Start working on your mindset, it's a very important factor in building your business. 



STEP 4 - Find your retail niche, choose specific products to know inside out. 

  • Write down the products, what problems they solve, how you would talk to people about them. Start talking to friends and family about what you are doing, if they want to know more and if they want to try products.

  • Try not to start posting on social media until you have a social media plan to ensure you look professional. The impact global page has great information on the training page with a facebook course

  • Follow the facebook course make a business page on FB, thinking about your target market and how you wish to sell yourself. 



STEP 5 - Business Strategy and planning. 

  • Talk to your mentor and make a business plan.  Nearly all small business require a business plan to gain investment and support.  You are a small business owner and you are no different, remember failing to plan is planning to fail. 

  • Your plan just needs to be very simple but documented (single A4 page) and include things like your mission/goals, your 2-3 year vision,  Strategy (actions you will be taking), timeline of actions/goals, marketing strategy (e.g social media, dear neighbour letters, launches), advertising strategy (paid routes of getting your name out). This is a formal version of the ideas in step 3. 




STEP 6 - Prospecting and Coaching 

  • The impact global page has information in the training tab on prospecting and coaching. 

  • Learn and think about how to incorporate this into your business plan. 

  • Keep in contact with your mentor and let them know when you think you are ready and you want to start building your team. They can give you valuable information and guide you through the process. 



Remember at all times: 

  • Build yourself as a brand and place high value on the opportunity you have to offer and the products. 

  • Continue learning about network marketing, the products and yourself 

  • Keep developing a great business mindset - mindset is the key to great business people. 

  • Keep in contact with your mentor and your team. 




  1. Create interest in the business and products by advertising the 6-week plan - Gain subscribers 

  2. Start an email marketing campaign, with a few emails per month to introduce blogs, e-magazines, product catalogues - forever knowledge

  3. Link my twitter, Instagram and FB accounts, with daily images on healthy living, nutrition and fitness. Keep my FB account up to date with articles and images to gain interest so people follow through to the website - FLPsocial or FB can schedule online content. Daily morning image/quote and daily evening blog post/article to provide content of value and interest. 

  4. Use forever knowledge - The my marketing page this has a great range of content for email marketing- 

  • Use the forever reach compliant emails within my own email campaign

  • Share the articles from the forever blog with customers, business and product related articles. 

  • Share my FIT website, aloe matters e-magazine, sports and weight management catalogue etc. with customers. 

My Own Marketing Strategy
Create Your Own Online Strategy

This information is just my advice, you do not need to follow it, it's here as guidance but you should always find a marketing strategy that works for you and your own business 

  1. Create your own FB business page, this allows you to have a sign-up button. 

  2. Create a landing page, include a bit of information about you, the business and the option to subscribe. Offer people something for their sign up. If you would like to use the 6-week plan then the web address is http://www.createyourownsunshine.net/6weekplan - The password is 6weekplan.  You can offer them access once they have subscribed, either through email or a pop-up. 

  3. Wix.com offers a simple way to make a landing page, this can be for free. You can manage your email marketing campaign, promote your website and send email invoices from this site. 

  4. Create your own email campaign sharing your own websites and e-magazines, blog posts that your find interesting and emails that are compliant. - forever knowledge can provide great content.  

  5. Keep an engaging an interesting FB page, linked with other social media accounts to build a brand around you and your interests to draw in customers and potential team members. FLP.social is a great tool to help wit hthose not great at social media. 

  6. If you need any help, ask myself or your mentor. 

Helpful Tools - Online Marketing
  • Forever living digital platform guide is a great place to get all the information you need to create a great online business To get this guide just click HERE

  • Forever Knowledge is very useful to link all your websites, enables you to send email templates, contact and keep track of prospects, find useful blog articles.  This is a great tool to get to the site just click HERE.

  • FLP.Social is also a good tool for those that aren't too social media savvy (like me!) This can create schedules, help you find appropriate articles to share and also (a great tool) helps you to ensure you are compliant.  To get to the site just click HERE

  • Remember if you are not compliant on any social media platform or email message you are at risk of getting your business shut down. These tools help you to ensure you are always compliant. 

  • Some of these tools do cost money so make sure you read the digital platform guide, they will tell you what these tools can offer you and then you can decide if this meets your needs and is worth the cost. 

  • This guide gives you info on how to get targeted twitter followers - HERE

  • This document gives 5 ways to gain business through facebook - view it HERE

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