What is Create your own sunshine all about? 

CYOS has been created to help people take control of their lives to help manage their nutrition, fitness and work/life balance. All of these factors can have a significant impact on your life and it is important to get it right.  There are a number of ways to help you get back on track from a range of plant-based nutrition products, weight management plans as well as a personal review of your health through the nutrition school. See what we can do to help you get back on track with the options below: 

1. Improving Health - We have a few options here, firstly pop over to the Nutrition Plans page, to find our great plant based nutrition products to plans to work towards your health and fitness goal. Plants are our future and getting your protein and nutrients this way will not only help you but the planet too! You can also head  to our blog to learn a bit more about nutrition and fitness or head to the Nutrition School to learn how to asses your current diet and lifestyle and ways to improve. 

2. Improving Business - Ever thought about improving your work life balance? Want to take a step towards changing the way you make money and look into building your own business, giving you the flexibility and a second income then take a look at how you can do just that by joining the team. This is a work from home opportunity to make money in your free time while working from anywhere. 


A total of 30% of create your own sunshine's profits goes towards lendwithcare.org, helping people work themselves out of poverty and so allowing people around the world to improve their situations.

See what we are doing with The Pledge! 



Build your own flexible business from where ever you are to create a perfect work-life balance, no financial commitment required. 

Expertly designed nutrition and fitness programs and guides to get you on your way to improving your health and fitness. 

Our nutrition effects so much of our lives its important to get it right. Get some personalised guidance and support to take you in the right direction.



My name is Michaela, I have been working in health care my entire life, spent time volunteering in Africa & Cambodia and strongly believe in the impact of social entrepreneurship.  My role in health care has taught me how important it is to look after our bodies, so what better way to incorporate improving our own health either through your fitness, nutrition or work-life balance, while doing our bit to help others.   


I have met amazing people and work with a great group of men and women changing their lives for the better in every way.  If your health, nutrition, fitness, or beauty is your passion then there is a way to turn that into an income alongside a real lifestyle balance. I hope create your own sunshine offers people the opportunity to help turn their own lives around while helping others do the same.

Michaela xxx 

Founder and creator of

Create Your Own Sunshine

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The Pledge

There are entrepreneurs across the world trying to work themselves out of poverty to improve their lives and to  help their families and communities. By investing in lendwithcare.org we can help develop strong businesses around the world.  When our investments are returned we reinvested this into other budding entrepreneurs or towards other projects or charities around the world supporting people to work themselves out of poverty.  30% of profits will continue to go towards lendwithcare.org creating a cycle of investment in entrepreneurship for everyone.  

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